Prior to B1A4’s official comeback on March 14, the group’s agency, WM Entertainment has revealed new single “This Time Is Over”.
“This Time Is Over” is a complete 180-degree turn from B1A4’s usually cute and upbeat tracks. It carries a bitter and dramatic melody, accompanied with beautiful string instrumentals.

B1A4 will be making their comeback with their first full length album, “IGNITION”. The album contains a total of ten tracks and is scheduled to drop on March 14th. In addition to the pre-released track, B1A4 has also revealed the first solo image teaser featuring Baro

Credit : dkponews

Can’t wait for the 14th of March, I was very curious about the song B1A4 >,< so!! Are ready BANA ??

Reshare here by tutimutz (www.tutyati.wordpress.com)

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