ini sambungan part sebelumnya 🙂
yuk mari di simak lagi


LT : If the reporters are currently listening, what type of title do you think they will give the article ?
” Yesung, protecting KTR’s palce for 4 mounth” Yesung,what type of tittle do you think they will write ?

YS : I think…. ”(YS)” have accomplised some thing that Eunhyuk can’t ? Hahaha~~


LT : the song which was just palyed is JungWooHyuk’s , Yesung, do you hope that time stops ?

YS : i don’t hope that time stops, i just hope that it is possible to travel back into time

LT : when do you want to go back to ?

YS : to the day where i started DJ ing

LT : why ?

YS : because it was very blissful and fortunate~

LT : you felt blissful from the start ?

YS : no~~ then i should just want to go back ti the second week which i started


LT : i think, Yesung will keep sending Eunhyuk and i messages/ next tomorrow, during KTR

YS : I think i won’t send message to Leeteuk, he doesn’t really care, he will only reply ‘ke ke ke’

LT : that’s because i really think that it’s funny

LT : Yesung,please dedicated/choose a song~ it has reached the segment for artist (actors/actress) to introduce song~

YS : Actually, i have never thought of myself to be an artists

LT : theb just use your identity as a singer to do it

YS : i don’t like to dedicated songs~ i reject the offer~should i invite my friend to dedicated in stead ?

LT : when is your friend going to come ?

YS : uhm…. Because the album was delayed…


YS : my brother didn’t tell us a word, and went to America~ now,the room which my brother used to sleep in~kkoming is sleeping in it nwo~ when i went back and couldn’t find him, i asked where did he go.. In the end, i was told that he went to America… He din’t even tell me when he went, maybe it is because he had some other plans, that is why he didn’t tell me…

LT : call him on the phone and ask him ?

YS : ask ?

LT : because you’re his hyung ~


LT : Actually, when my sister first when study abroad, i really cried a lot..

YS : how old was Leeteuk at that time ?

LT : Middle school

YS : that was when you were still quite young

LT : After that, my sister was gone for 8 years,just to study overseas… And then i also started to live in the dorm… I haven’t met her for 15 years, so it was awkward… As compared to my sister, i spend a longer time with all the members…


Listener : just now, what is the project which Yesung mentioned ?

YS : mmmm….that project? Please wait for a while~ i will let everyone see a new image of myself…

LT : it’s not possible to say now ?

TS : that secretive… Everyone should continue to listen to KTR ~ there might be a day where it will be revealed

YS : really?? Leeteuk knows inside news~~


LT : Althought there are lot of members in our group,but who cannot feel the empty space that belong to him ?

YS : last time,in our sorry sorry activities~~ we divided into different sub-group, right ?

LT : 5 people in a group ! Yesung,Ryeowook,Kyuhyun,Shindong and I. It is very tiring to sing from ” sorry sorry ” to ” baby ” in one breath.

YS : isn’t there other members in M (SJ-M) who sang sorry sorry to~ it is really very-very tiring

LT : lastly, Yesung, please say something or anything

YS : i really laern a lot in this period time

LT : are you going to cry ?

YS : i’m not crying

LT :your eyes turned red

YS : i am just a little tired today… I’m happy to be together with everyone, it feels vey happy to meet everyone in my daily life and i feel fortunate !!


YS : there are friend who like SJ here,and there are friend who like KTR too… KTR has already been on going for 5 years…and being an artist,everyone is curious how do and did we live~and our daily and normal lives…being able to speak to everyone here~ i feel closer to everyone here, i feel closer to everyone too,just like very close friends…

LT : we also feel very happy to be able to listen to yesung’s voice !

Yesung say goodbye to SUKIRA 😦

YS : today is the last day,but this is not the end..SUKIRA is Superjunior’s KTR !! When Eunhyuk is back, i hope everyone will continue to give him more love.Eunhyuk has done better than me so you don’t have to woory~
If there is the chance, please ask me to come~thank you PD-nim~thank you staff~thank you everyone~i really feel very happy and fortunate

LT : the last song, shall Yesung help us to choose it?

YS : mmm, i just received a message from my friend and i hope that everyone,anywhere,and anytime will continue to love KTR,and believe in KTR~ so i want to dedicated this song, DBSK tomorrow,together with Eunhyk we will bring you a sweeter kiss~~

YeTeuk : muaaa~~

and the last~~

Of Yesung’s 113 days (if you count feb 28 YeTeukHyuk too) being SUKIRA DJ, there have been BORA 61 times, he wore specs 5times, black clothes 46 time, had his hair straight 47 time, the other 14days wiyh his hair styled.sung numerous full song 1-2 linea live beautifully and brought ton oof smiles.thank your for being awesome as always.

Yahh… Berakhir deh masa jabatan Yesung sebagai DJ di SUKIRA 😦
kaga ada lagi deh foto2 nya yang berhamburan…huhuhuhuhu….

Tapi apa mau di kata sang empunya jabatan sebelumnya udah balik lagi, Eunhyuk lagi deh…aahh…

Cr : @yesung center at twitter


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